12th August, 2020.

How are you managing in COVID19?

The Cooper Symons team is all working from home in our new reality.   I’m enjoying the extra sleep in, and not having to travel to work.  Are you?  On the phone all day to Natalie and Yvonne and missing face to face contact, but its working and we are fully operational.

Clients are readily continuing qualitative research using both Video and Chat platforms.  Online forum boards are also very popular.  Good news is we are having excellent ‘shows’ in these crazy times as participants dont have to fight traffic to get to their groups.   In Melbourne, where we are in stage 4 lockdown, people are keen to do market research as an interesting break in their day.

Im really enjoying connecting with clients about new proposals.   Happy to share my experience and recruiting expertise and work through different ideas to setup qualitative research projects.

Hoping everyone is safe and well.

Best wishes